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A-Records Check

Enter domain name and click "A Records".

Lookup the A records for a domain.

A record stands for address record. It associates a domain, either root or subdomain, with an IP address.

Setting an A-Record

Address records can be set with a domain registrar. Typically, the interface panel of your registrar company will allow the editing of items such as the A-records, dns, and cname. This will then be propagated and returned as a response when someone makes a DNS request.

Root Domain

If an A-record is set for a root, aka "naked" domain, it might invalidate MX records with the domain registrar. The setting could override mail to the root domain and require that a subdomain be used for MX (mail) records. This issue can be mitigated with third part services such as Amazon route 53.

Address Record Tool

Our utility uses the host command as a module to get the IP address (A) records for a domain.

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