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Command Line Options

Domain Probe accepts command line options. Enter the command followed by a domain name, and then press enter or click the go button.

Format command:domain
Command Description Page
a: show the ip a-records for a domain. /a
available: check if the domain is available for registration. /available
cname: show cname records for a domain. /cname
ip: show the ip address that a domain resolves to. /ip
mx: show the mx associated with a domain. /mx
ns: show name server settings for a domain. /ns
ping: perform an icmp ping request for a domain. /ping
register: show registration options for the domain, if it is avaiable. /register
spf: show the spf records for a domain. /spf
scan: perform a port scan on a domain. /scan
txt: show the txt records for a domain. /txt
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