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Dofollow Link Love

Our outbound hyperlinks are not modified by "follow" tags, and pass along the full juice of authority to the recipient page. We do this so that people have an incentive to link to us, and pass the flow of link love through us to others.

How do we assure that the links remain high quality? Outbound links occur in a few appropriate ways which provide value.

1) As the focal point of a domain probe.


This page will contain an outbound link, that points to the resolution point of the domain. The example page would contain one link to the resolving page of the domain "", which in this case would be to the destination "".

As a publisher, when someone probes your domain a single link will appear to your website on the domain base of the scanning utility.

2) On the page of a discussion.

The link to the remote content is displayed at the top of the page, with the title text provided.


3) Listed on the main content stream

Top voted links and text posts will sort to the top, and make it to the front page. The higher the vote "power" rating, the closer to the homepage the post will appear.


4) As an external link in the comments

Top voted comments will float to the top. Spam comment links will get down-voted by other users and disappear.

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